When Should You Come In For Oral Cancer Screening?

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The sixth most prevalent cancer in the world, oral cancer, can be serious and life-threatening without treatment. . Luckily, early detection and treatment may increase your chances. According to the Canadian Cancer Society, “the earlier oral cancer is diagnosed and treated, the better the outcome.”

Early detection begins with an oral cancer screening. Learning the signs of oral cancer can help you find crucial treatment in those pivotal early stages. 

What Are The Signs and Symptoms of Oral Cancer 

Oral cancer can vary in location. It can commonly affect the floor of the mouth, the tongue, and the lips, but it may also affect the cheeks, gums, roof of the mouth, and salivary glands. 

As the location can vary, so too can symptoms of oral cancer, but common ones may include

  • Persistent mouth pain
  • Sores anywhere in the oral cavity
  • Discomfort or difficulty talking, swallowing, or speaking
  • Swollen lymph nodes
  • Dental issues such as loose teeth or new misalignment 
  • Weight loss

While these symptoms can be caused by various reasons, such as infections, generally speaking, if any of these symptoms persist, visit a doctor. The presence of these symptoms may allude to oral cancer. However, often, early-stage oral cancer presents with no or unnoticeable symptoms. One way to keep yourself protected is through oral cancer screenings. 

When Should You Come In For Oral Cancer Screenings? 

The Oral Cancer Foundation recommends annual oral cancer screenings beginning at 18. However, this recommendation may not be required for you. The presence of risk factors such as family history of oral cancer, current smoking habits, and infections such as the human papillomavirus may increase the necessity for more frequent screenings. 

To know how often you should get an oral cancer screening, speak to a doctor. 

Oral cancer screenings allow you to create a benchmark for your mouth to detect changes quickly.

Find Oral Cancer Screening in Calgary, AB

Identifying oral cancer early is key. Working with a dentist can help you have comprehensive oral cancer screenings. 

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