TMJ Treatment Options

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Do you suffer from headaches, or hear strange popping or clicking sounds when you move your mouth? If so, you might be experiencing symptoms of TMJ disorder, a condition where the jaw joint loses function.

Disorders of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) can be debilitating if left untreated. Fortunately, Aesthetic Dental Studio in Calgary offers a wide range of neuromuscular dentistry treatment options to help manage pain and restore strength and mobility to your jaw.

If Calgary dentist Dr. Gordon Chee determines that TMJ dysfunction (also known as TMD) is causing pain in your face and head, he might recommend one or a combination of these treatments:

  • Gentle electric stimulation of facial muscles with a TENS unit

  • Relieving muscle tension with regular BOTOX® Cosmetic injections

  • A custom mouth guard or oral splint to minimize teeth grinding or jaw clenching during sleep

  • Medication to relax muscles, mitigate stress and reduce the frequency and severity of headaches

If the TMJ doesn’t function properly due to a physiological issue with the joint, surgery might be the only suitable treatment option. However, in most cases the less drastic remedies mentioned above are capable of relieving TMD symptoms.

To learn more about TMJ dysfunction and how you can find relief, please contact Aesthetic Dental Studio or call 403-543-4600 today to schedule an appointment. Dr. Chee serves patients throughout the Calgary area.

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