Snore Guard

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Most people only know secondhand whether they snore or not. Snoring problems are not only an annoyance to your spouse, but it can also lead to health problems. Some people snore so loudly, the entire household is affected.

You might not think of asking a dentist about solutions to snoring, but Dr. Gordon Chee can fit you with a simple mouthpiece called a snore guard, which will restore peace and quiet for the entire household.

Causes of Snoring

Snoring results from air passing through the tissues of your throat and pharynx, causing them to vibrate. As you age, these tissues sag more and slightly obstruct the airway, elevating the volume. There are three main causes of snoring:

  • Saggy pharyngeal tissue
  • Enlarged uvula
  • Excess weight

Sleep apnea is a serious condition related to snoring. It means absence of breath and can be fatal if not properly diagnosed and treated. Seeing Dr. Chee for snoring treatment is your first step to ruling out this deadly condition.

Effects of Snoring

Snoring not only affects those around you, keeping them awake, it affects you as well. Each time you snore, it interrupts deep sleep that is required for recuperation each night, even if it does not wake you completely. In the morning, you may end up feeling more tired than when you went to bed. Some of the health problems exacerbated by snoring include:

  • High blood pressure
  • Insomnia
  • Fatigue
  • Heart disease

When your airway is obstructed, even slightly, your heart has to work that much harder to oxygenate your brain and other vital tissues.

Treating Snoring with Snore Guard

Positioning of the head and neck greatly affect snoring potential. When you lay on your back, you are more prone to snoring than when laying on your side or stomach. To treat snoring, Dr. Chee will fit you with a custom mouth guard that helps keep your airway open.

The mouth guard consists of both an upper and lower appliance that work together to keep your lower jaw forward, thus helping to maintain an open airway while you sleep. Being fitted for a snore guard will allow you to breathe easy during sleep and enjoy a restful night.

You wear the snore guard at night and it helps you keep your pharyngeal passages open. Just this small change helps open the airway enough to give you, and your sleeping partner a comfortable and silent night's sleep.

To find out more about how you can treat snoring problems, please contact Aesthetic Dental Studio through the form on this site or call our office in Calgary, Alberta at 403-543-4600 today. Let us offer you treatment for your snoring and help alleviate symptoms with a snore guard!