Treatment for Snoring

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Studies show that roughly 45% of the general population snores on a regular basis. This occurrence may seem harmless—annoying and disruptive, but harmless nonetheless. However, it is a root cause of sleep loss for both the person who snores and their loved ones.

Nourishing, regenerative sleep is just as critical for long-term well being as healthy eating and physical exercise. Over the course of an average night, snoring can cause a partner to lose roughly an hour of sleep and snoring has even led to some couples divorcing.

In extreme instances, snoring is a symptom of larger problems like sleep apnea that are potentially life-threatening.

Why Do People Snore?

Snoring occurs when a person’s airway becomes obstructed during a state of deep sleep. Their body’s mouth and throat tissue collapse inward and block the lung’s ability to take in oxygen. The soft palate and uvula vibrate as air passes back and forth in the throat’s constricted airway, causing that irritating sound we call snoring.

What Treatment Options Are Available for Snoring?

If you are looking for a snoring problem treatment in Calgary, Aesthetic Dental Studio can help. Snoring can be eliminated with lifestyle changes and dental appliances that are worn each night and keep airways clear while a person sleeps.

Some behavioral changes that may help reduce snoring and treat sleep apnea include:

  • Reducing consumption of alcohol—especially in the hours right before bedtime
  • Cutting back on smoking
  • Keeping your weight within normal range

In addition to you changing aspects of your life, an experienced dentist can work with you to determine whether or not you could benefit from an oral dental appliance. Oral appliances work by repositioning the mouth and throat to keep airways free of tissue during sleep. A snore guard may be a good option to treat your snoring problem.

There are many other sleep apnea treatment options. Dr. Chee can discuss prospective treatments during your visit to our office in Calgary, Alberta. Contact Aesthetic Dental Studio by calling 403-543-4600 or completing our online form to arrange your appointment.