Digital Photography

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For dentists, knowledge is power. One of the most important results of improvements in dental technology is the increased knowledge and insight it provides. Even the most skilled, capable and experienced dentist may not achieve the best possible results if he or she is working with imperfect knowledge of the patient’s dental needs.

Fortunately, Dr. Gordon Chee at the Aesthetic Dental Studio has access to some of the best technology in the business. Of special importance to most patients is our use of digital photography.

What Is Digital Photography?

Digital photography gives our Calgary dentist advantages on two fronts. First, it enables Dr. Chee to see clear, sharp images of your teeth, gums and jaw, which means he can better diagnose your problems. This is obviously crucially important.

Second, Dr. Chee will be able to use computer-assisted digital imaging technology to provide you with a preview of what your future smile will look like, thus allowing you to provide input and register your concerns.

Magnification and Transparency from Your Dentist

The human eye has certain limitations that simply cannot be overcome. So however clear a view our dentists have of your teeth, it just might not be possible for them to see what’s truly affecting you.

With digital photography and computer assistance, however, our dentist can take advantage of the extraordinary magnifying capabilities of this technology. Dr. Chee can see problems that were previously too small to spot.

Further, our digital photographic technology allows our team to show you exactly what they’re seeing and point out the problems on a clear monitor or image. You don’t simply have to trust what our dentist is telling you: instead, you can see exactly what they see.

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