Sleep Apnea Defined

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Sleep Apnea CalgarySnoring is a very common issue that disrupts the sleep of millions of people around the world. Spouses and loved ones of a person who snores often must just live with it. But a fact that people do not realize is that snoring may be a key indicator of a very serious medical condition known as sleep apnea. Sleep apnea affects many people and can contribute to very serious health issues. Unfortunately, most people with sleep apnea have no idea they have it.

What Is Sleep Apnea?

Apnea is a Greek word that means want of breath. People with sleep apnea may stop breathing hundreds of times a night. During a relaxed state, as a person is sleeping on his back, the tongue and throat tissue move back into the throat. This creates a blockage of the airway. Eventually the unconscious person's body forces air from the lungs outward and this creates the disruptive snoring sounds.

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Effects of Sleep Apnea

If sleep apnea is not treated, the condition can lead to dramatically increased likelihoods of hypertension, muscular pain, debilitating headaches and lack of productivity due to drowsiness. Sleep apnea can also lead to heart attack, stroke, mood swings, decreased concentration and memory, depression, and anxiety.

While we cannot legally diagnose sleep apnea for you, we utilize the Watermark Ares home screening device to help give us more information about you so that we may work with sleep physicians determine the best course of treatment. 

What Are My Treatment Options If I Have Sleep Apnea?

There are treatments for sleep apnea, and because each case is different, Dr. Chee. will perform a thorough evaluation of you before pursuing any treatment plan. Some treatment options are:

  • Behavioral changes
  • Oral appliances
  • Surgery (in extreme cases)
  • CPAP
  • Snore guard.

If you or a loved one is looking for help with snoring problems, trouble sleeping, or experience any of the symptoms associated with sleep apnea, please contact the Aesthetic Dental Studio through our online form or call 403-543-4600 for a consultation with our dentist in Calgary today.

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