Dental Snoring Treatment

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Snore Guard

Snoring can be an annoying problem, especially for your spouse. Although you probably do not think you snore, there is approximately a 45% chance that you do. Snoring can be a sign of a serious medical condition like sleep apnea, or it may just be an annoyance. When you snore, it interrupts the deep sleep you need to recuperate. Snoring starts as your body starts to relax. When the muscles and tissues in the back of you through go slack, they sometimes interfere with air passing through your mouth and nose to your lungs, giving off those rattling sounds.

Treatment for Snoring

Studies show that roughly 45% of the general population snores on a regular basis. Snoring may seem harmful, but it can affect your health in many ways. Snoring can also affect your personal life by interfering with the quality and quantity of your sleep. In fact, studies have concluded that snoring does, in fact, lead to divorce in some cases. In an average night, the spouse loses roughly an hour of sleep.