Take Home Teeth Whitening: Professional vs. OTC

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In-office whitening has a number of benefits over options you can buy at the store. But is there a difference between over the counter products and the take-home teeth whitening kits we provide at our Calgary cosmetic dentistry office?

Calgary dentist Dr. Gordon Chee offers take-home teeth whitening as well as chairside treatment using the Zoom! system. While it's true that take home kits contain bleaching gel with a lower concentration than what a cosmetic dentist would use, professionally formulated products are still stronger than any OTC alternative.

Take home teeth whitening has other advantages over mass-produced items, including:

  • More effective stain removal

  • Whitening trays are custom-made to fit the shape of your teeth

  • Greater comfort through minimal exposure of gum tissue

  • Hands-on instruction and followup from Dr. Chee

  • Results are targeted to enhance the natural color of your smile

If you'd like to prolong the results from in-office whitening, using a take home kit is often an ideal solution for keeping your teeth looking bright long-term. Some patients are even able to get the smile they want solely through use of a convenient professional take home solution.

Over the counter whitening tends to be cheaper than professional products but the peroxide gel is designed to be much weaker than in-office treatment. The results and equipment also aren't customized to fit your teeth.

To learn about the benefits of teeth whitening at our Calgary office, please contact Aesthetic Dental Studio or call 403-543-4600 today.

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