5 Myths about Teeth Whitening

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Teeth whitening is one of the most popular treatments offered at our office in Calgary. Our patients appreciate the ability to brighten their smiles and increase their confidence while undergoing a procedure that is safe, quick and affordable.

For some, teeth whitening remains an intimidating prospect, due to myths they have encountered regarding the procedure. Here are some of the common myths and related facts concerning teeth whitening.  

Myth 1: Teeth whitening damages nerves.
Fact: Whitening your teeth does not affect your roots, gums, or inside of your teeth when done under the supervision of a licensed professional.

Myth 2: Teeth whitening damages enamel.
Fact: Drug store whitening systems often contain materials which can damage tooth enamel. The teeth whitening treatment used at Aesthetic Dental Studio involves a carefully controlled procedure which does not damage your enamel.

Myth 3: Teeth whitening is painful.
Fact: The whitening process may cause your gums and teeth to be slightly more sensitive. However, the procedure itself is not painful. Minor sensitivity usually persists for 24 to 48 hours following the treatment and then subsides.

Myth 4: Teeth whitening lasts forever.
Fact: Although whitening your teeth brightens your smile, the effects don’t last forever. Since teeth continually yellow during the aging process, touch-ups are recommended to maintain a gleaming grin.

Myth 5: Teeth whitening works for everyone.
Fact: Not everyone is a good candidate for teeth whitening. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding shouldn’t have the procedure done, nor should anyone under the age of 16. In addition, teeth whitening is not recommended for people who have:

  • Gum disease
  • Exposed roots
  • Sensitive teeth
  • Peroxide allergies
  • Cavities
  • Poor tooth enamel
  • Veneers
  • Other teeth restorations

If you are considering teeth whitening in Calgary, please contact Aesthetic Dental Studio today by completing the form on this page, or by calling 403-543-4600 to schedule an appointment. Dr. Chee welcomes patients from and neighboring communities in Alberta.

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