How to Fix Buck Teeth

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Protruding teeth, commonly called “buck teeth,” are positioned farther forward than the surrounding teeth. Although buck teeth can be a source of self-consciousness and embarrassment, Alberta dentist Dr. Gordon Chee can recommend numerous esthetic dentistry solutions to help you look your best.

“Buck” teeth may be due to genetic factors or crowding of the teeth. Whatever reason, the condition can lead to issues with speaking and eating, not to mention the esthetic issues that can diminish self-confidence.

Treatment of protruding teeth usually requires an orthodontic solution to move the teeth into a less protrusive position. Traditional metal braces are a common remedy, but Dr. Chee might recommend a more modern treatment with Invisalign

Metal braces are the ones we’re all familiar with. They’re effective and affordable, but the treatment can be inconvenient for some patients with busy schedules.

Invisalign®, on the other hand, offers the convenience of a removable oral aligner with virtual transparency. With Invisalign®, you wear a series of custom built aligners for two weeks at a time over the course of about a year. Over time, your teeth move into a more natural-looking and healthier position.

If you’re ready to learn how esthetic dentistry can help fix buck teeth and other issues affecting your smile, please contact Aesthetic Dental Studio in Calgary, Alberta, or call 403-543-4600.

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