Discolored Teeth

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Whether it is fair or not, people judge you by appearances. If you possess a smile that is less attractive than it could be because of discolored teeth, it can affect your self-image. People who have discolored teeth smile less often due to embarrassment. There are many factors that cause tooth discoloration and many teeth whitening options for treating discolored teeth to get them back where they belong. Every day, you submit your teeth to a number of staining agents that can wreak havoc on your teeth. Among the most notorious are:

  • Coffee
  • Chlorophyll laden foods
  • Berries
  • Wine

Staining effects may be exacerbated if your teeth have small cracks or pits that provide more surface area for the staining agent. Other factors that may cause discoloration, but are not food products include:

  • Certain medications
  • Tobacco
  • Trauma

Smoking is by far the worst thing you can do if you want to maintain a healthy and attractive smile. Any cosmetic procedures you have will likely be negated through continued tobacco use. There are many whitening options available from your cosmetic dentist. One of the most common cosmetic dentistry procedures is in-office tooth whitening. After applying a special agent to your teeth, and flashing a bright light to activate the agent, your teeth can be up to nine shades whiter after a couple of visits. To find out more about teeth whitening and other cosmetic dental procedures, please contact the dental team and Dr. Gordon Chee at the Aesthetic Dental Studio for an initial smile consultation.

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