How Does Digital Bite Analysis Work?

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Do you suffer from recurring pain in your teeth, jaw or other parts of your face? To determine how a patient’s bite can affect his or her overall oral health, Calgary general dentist Dr. Gordon Chee has adopted T-Scan, a compact sensor device that facilitates accurate diagnosis by offering a full picture of forces at work in the bite.

While previous methods of diagnosing a misaligned bite only showed the “rest” position, digital bite analysis technology like T-Scan gives Dr. Chee the ability to assess the entire action of your bite for areas of extreme pressure, irregular contact between upper and lower teeth, and more.

Digital bite analysis with T-Scan is as simple as biting down on a thin sensor shaped just like your dental arch. The T-Scan process involves the following steps:

  • Our Calgary dentist will position the sensor in your mouth so you can bite down on it comfortably
  • The computer connected to the sensor will analyze your bite
  • Data will be displayed on the computer screen in vivid, coloured graphics
  • Dr. Chee will review the data with you and point out potentially problematic areas of your bite

Digital bite analysis is a useful diagnostic tool for determining how pressure and timing can affect your teeth, gums, and jaw. After reviewing the T-Scan data with you, Dr. Chee can recommend treatment options to restore your oral health.

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