Is Gummy Smile Surgery Right for You?

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Gummy SmileHappiness shows on our faces when we smile, but sometimes a smile may appear too “gummy,” where the lips lift upward toward the nose, revealing the gums above the teeth. Lip repositioning or gummy smile surgery is an option for patients who want to modify their appearance. Let’s learn about gummy smile surgery to help you decide: is gummy smile surgery right for you?

What is Gummy Smile Surgery?

Gummy smile surgery starts with an examination to determine the best sequence of procedures that will lead to the best-looking smile. Using Digital Smile Design, the team at Aesthetic Dental Studio will examine your smile and even offer a rendering of what your smile may look like after different options.

Reducing the appearance of a gummy smile may include procedures that include teeth alignment, teeth whitening, cosmetic gum masking, or dental bonding. Treating a gummy smile may require one or several cosmetic dentistry treatments.

Using Botox to Treat Gummy Smile

One exciting and straightforward approach is the use of Botox Cosmetic. Most people assume Botox is solely for reducing wrinkles, but it also helps when you smile and your lip moves upward too much for your liking.

Botox will prevent the muscles around your mouth from moving the lips quite so much, which can reduce the movement of your lips when you smile and eliminate your gummy smile. It’s even possible to combine a Botox treatment with other cosmetic dentistry procedures for maximum impact.

The Benefit of Trying Botox for a Gummy Smile

One of the best features of Botox treatments is that the procedure is only temporary, so the face will eventually return to its original state. The temporary effect of Botox makes it a popular treatment. This means that a patient may try Botox to see if it’s the best option and continue treatment if they feel it’s working or switch to a different procedure if desired.

Enjoy a New Smile With Treatment from Aesthetic Dental Studio

It’s important to feel confident when smiling, but the position of the lips may reduce the enjoyment you have of your appearance when you smile. The team at Aesthetic Dental Studio can perform cosmetic dentistry to address this problem. Contact the Calgary-area team or call 403-543-4600 to learn more about gummy smile surgery options.

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