Headaches and TMJ

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A woman in Alberta experiences a TMJ related headacheAlthough chronic headaches can result from a number of causes, many triggers are often overlooked.  If you have become discouraged by medications and treatments that fail to successfully relieve your headaches, it may be time to undergo a TMJ examination at our office in Alberta.

TMJ is a troublesome condition caused by jaw misalignment. One of the primary symptoms of TMJ is a chronic headache. Unfortunately, the source of your discomfort may persist for years unless your dentist identifies TMJ as the culprit.

Dr. Gordon Chee utilizes technology to diagnose and treat TMJ.  If you suffer from painful, persistent headaches, Dr. Chee can evaluate the alignment of your jaw to determine if TMJ treatment is appropriate for your situation.

Headache treatment at Aesthetic Dental Studio can include:

  • Medication to alleviate stress and reduce the severity of your headache.
  • A customized mouth guard to minimize teeth grinding during sleep.
  • BOTOX injections to reduce muscle tension
  • A TENS unit to gently stimulate facial muscles

Chronic headaches can affect almost every aspect of your daily life, from your ability to enjoy common activities to the quality of sleep you get at night.

If you are ready to find out if TMJ could be causing your headaches in Alberta, contact Aesthetic Dental Studio today by completing the form on this page or calling 403-543-4600 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Chee. We proudly serve patients from Cochrane and throughout the Calgary area.

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