Whats the Procedure for Having a Tooth Bonded? (Tooth Bonding Calgary)

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Tooth bonding is a very simple dental restoration for correcting chipped teeth, deformed teeth, or gapped smiles. The procedure is relatively quick and can be completed in a single visit.

First, you will be evaluated to determine if you are a good candidate for tooth bonding and make sure it will give you the results you desire. Next, your tooth will be prepared to receive the bonding material. This may involve removing some damaged material in the case of a chip, but it will always involve roughing the surface slightly so it bonds better to the composite material.

Next, the bonding is mixed in a custom colour to match the shade of your teeth. Then it is applied to the treatment area and shaped to fit the desired shape. Once the shape is right, a curing light is applied that causes the dental bonding to harden, becoming a strong, long-lasting dental restoration.

Finally, the bonding is polished to give it a sheen similar to natural tooth enamel. Depending on the complexity of the restoration, the entire procedure may take an hour.

To learn more about tooth bonding and whether you are a good candidate for the procedure, please contact Aesthetic Dental Studio today for a consultation.

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