Risks of Untreated Sleep Apnea

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senior man wearing Cpap mask sleepingSleep apnea is more than chronic snoring that disturbs your bed partner. It’s more than a few nights of bad sleep, headaches and dry mouth upon waking, and mood disturbances. Left untreated, sleep apnea can have serious — and sometimes fatal — health consequences.

It may surprise you to learn that sleep apnea can cause problems such as:

  • High blood pressure
  • Stroke 
  • Cardiomyopathy 
  • Diabetes
  • Heart failure
  • Heart attacks

Similarly, the daytime fatigue that people experience due to sleep apnea is nothing to take lightly. It can result in motor vehicle collisions, work-related accidents, and other incidents. 

The most significant issue with untreated sleep apnea is that it interrupts your breathing during sleep. These interruptions can occur hundreds of times a night. Your blood pressure will drop and then accelerate quickly each time your breathing stops. When this pattern becomes chronic, it can thicken your heart walls, make the structure of your heart less flexible, and more.

These changes are serious. They can increase your risk of atrial or ventricular arrhythmias. They can also impair the function of your heart and make it worse at pumping blood.

Sleep Apnea Treatment in Calgary 

There are a variety of effective sleep apnea treatments available today. Dr. Gordon Chee will perform a thorough evaluation before making individualized treatment recommendations.

Your options for addressing sleep apnea and improving your health may include:

  • Behavioral changes
  • Oral appliances
  • Surgery (in extreme cases)
  • CPAP
  • Snore guard

A snore guard is a custom appliance that you wear at night to keep your pharyngeal passages open. It may seem like a small change, but it helps open your airway enough to give you a quieter and more comfortable night’s sleep. It can be a good alternative to CPAP machines.

Schedule a Sleep Apnea Consultation

If you suffer from sleep apnea, seeking treatment can help you get the rest you deserve and decrease your risk of related health complications. Contact Aesthetic Dental Studio at 403-543-4600 to learn more about the sleep apnea treatment options available at our dental office. We serve patients from Calgary, Cochrane, Airdrie, and nearby areas of Alberta.

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