Options for Straightening Adult Teeth

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Adults who wanted to correct their crooked teeth used to have a mouthful of metal braces as their only option. Thankfully, great choices exist today for adult tooth correction. Adults with minor gaps and some crooked areas can benefit from porcelain veneers that can bring about a rapid and striking change. However, if you have many crooked teeth that need significant straightening, your wisest choice may be Invisalign—the farthest thing imaginable from obvious metal braces. A computer custom designs Invisalign’s series of clear plastic trays that are placed over your teeth to slowly and gently move them from their improper alignment to a correct and straight smile. To bring about this straightening, you wear the trays each day, taking them out only when you eat and clean your teeth; after a two-week period you change to another set of trays. Typically, after about ten months, you will have achieved your straightening objectives. Key Invisalign benefits include: • Higher comfort level than metal braces • Tightening visits are not required • A MUCH less obvious look than metal braces • No interference when eating, brushing or flossing because you remove them during these processes If you would like to experience the teeth-straightening that Invisalign can offer you, please call 403-543-4600 to contact the office of Dr. Gordon Chee at Aesthetic Dental Studio and schedule an appointment today.