Gummy Teeth

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Many people suffer from gum problems that prevent them from enjoying the benefits of a beautiful and healthy smile. If your teeth and gums appear disproportionate, it results in an embarrassing condition sometime called gummy teeth. The gums appear to be overwhelming your teeth. There are several reasons that the ratio of gums to tooth enamel appears disproportionate, including:

  • Your teeth are too small
  • Your gums are overgrown
  • You have a high smile line
  • Improper tooth eruption

Overgrowth of the gums can also increase based on your genetic disposition, whether you breathe through your mouth, and during orthodontic treatments. There are many cosmetic treatment options available to you to correct excessive gums. Depending on your specific needs, the dentist may elect one of the following options:

  • Laser treatments to remove excess gums
  • Surgical gingivectomy if the gums are not responsive to the laser treatment
  • Lip reconstruction to address a high smile line
  • Surgical sculpting of the underlying bone material

To find out more about treatment for overgrown and gummy teeth, please contact the Northwest Calgary general dentists at the Aesthetic Dental Studio. Dr. Chee or Dr. Geminiano will evaluate your case and select the right treatment plan to rebuild a winning smile.