White Porcelain Fillings in Calgary, Alberta

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White Porcelain Fillings

Advances in modern dentistry have made the use of metal fillings obsolete in most cases. Instead, the materials used for cavity fillings today are typically either white fillings, also called composite bonding, or porcelain fillings.

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More About Composite “White” Fillings

The solution for many types of cavities today is dental composite bonding. With composite bonding, the cavity is filled with a material that closely resembles the color of your natural teeth; hence the term, “white filling.” The material is actually a combination of glass or quartz filler in resin.

Composite fillings are designed to not only provide long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing results for patients but also to restore and strengthen a tooth. In fact, most composite fillings, unlike the old metal fillings, involve removing only a small amount of natural tooth during a cavity-filling procedure.

Composite bonding can be a good option for small- to medium-size cavities and for areas of the mouth with moderate chewing pressure. The material, however, is not well-suited for larger cavities, which require a stronger type of material for lasting benefits, or for areas in the mouth where there will be extreme chewing pressure.

More About Porcelain Fillings

In cases where a cavity is found over a larger tooth surface, a porcelain filling may be recommended over the composite filling.

Porcelain (or ceramic) fillings are known for their increased strength and longevity. Dental authorities like the American Dental Association have stated that porcelain fillings are some of the most wear-resistant dental restorations available today. (However, if the surface is not properly polished smoothly, these types of fillings can cause wear and tear to other teeth.)

Porcelain fillings also closely match a tooth’s natural color.

Replacing Those Old Metal Fillings

Many cosmetic dentists in Calgary today are recommending the replacement of the older metal (mercury and amalgam) fillings with composite or porcelain fillings for two reasons: to improve the appearance of a patient’s smile and to fortify teeth weakened by the metal fillings.

If you have metal fillings and would like to discuss your options for replacing them with white or porcelain fillings in Calgary, Alberta, please contact Aesthetic Dental Studio online or by calling 403-543-4600 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Chee today.