Types of Gum Disease

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Having problems with your teeth or gums is never pleasant. Many people avoid the dentist and do not take proper care of their oral health, only to suffer in the future. It is important to keep regular check-ups with a dentist and to stay educated about how best to take care of your teeth and gums to help you avoid certain general dentistry procedures offered in Alberta.

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Are There Different Types of Gum Disease?

Yes! Think of gum disease types as ranging from mild to severe. The mildest form of gum disease is known as gingivitis; this happens when bacteria builds up in your mouth and causes infection in the gums. A person with gingivitis will notice their gums become red, swollen, and bleed easily when flossed. Typically there is not great discomfort with gingivitis and it is reversible with dental treatment and care.

There are several contributing factors that can cause gingivitis. These can include:

  • Diabetes
  • Smoking
  • Aging
  • Systemic diseases
  • Stress
  • Poor nutrition
  • Hormone fluctuations
  • Pregnancy
  • Substance abuse
  • Taking certain medications

When left untreated, gingivitis will become more severe, known as periodontitis or periodontal disease. With periodontitis the plaque continues to build and spread to below the gum line causing chronic inflammation. The gums will eventually separate from the teeth and form pockets that become infected. After time, teeth can become loose and may have to be removed.

How Can I Prevent Gum Disease?

You can prevent gum disease with good oral health habits and regularly visiting a dentist. Good oral health habits include:

  • Brushing after meals
  • Flossing at least once daily
  • Swishing with mouthwash to reduce plaque that brushing and flossing did not remove
  • Know your risk – age, smoking, diet and genetics can all increase chance of gum disease

Regular visits with your dentist also helps reduce the likelihood of getting gum disease. Your dentist will examine your teeth and gums, identify the plaque level, look at your bite, bone structure and ask you questions about the history of your health to determine if you are at risk for gum disease.

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