Questions about Smile Makeovers

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What is a smile makeover?

A smile makeover is a comprehensive dental treatment plan designed to address every one of your cosmetic dentistry needs. Your smile makeover may include several procedures, from tooth repair and replacement to straightening, tooth whitening, porcelain veneers, and other procedures.

Am I a candidate for a smile makeover?

Your personal consultation with Dr. Gordon Chee is the best opportunity to learn if a smile makeover is right for you. You can explain what you want to achieve and learn more about what can be done to help you reach your goals. Dr. Chee and our friendly, professional dental team are ready to work closely with you to create your most beautiful smile.

How long does a smile makeover take?

Your personal goals and the procedures needed to achieve those goals determine the length of treatment. Some smile makeovers, such as tooth whitening, may take just one or two short procedures. Others require a more extensive time commitment. During your consultation, you can discuss your availability and your goals with your cosmetic dentist and find out what will be required to create your best smile.

Why should I consider a smile makeover?

The most obvious reason to consider a smile makeover is beauty. A stunning smile is highly prized as a symbol of youth, health and a positive outlook. But underneath the beauty, there is a much more important reason: your dental health.

A strong mouth that functions properly has a good effect on your overall health, and when your teeth and mouth are functioning at their best the future is bright. Your personal smile makeover ensures a strong bite, excellent function and a beautiful smile you can be proud of.

How can Aesthetic Dental Studio assist the anxious patient?

Dr. Chee has years of experience working with patients who are anxious about having dental work. We use dental technology for your comfort and your safety so you can spend as little time in the dental chair and as much time as possible enjoying your new smile. Technology like The Wand and laser dentistry will be appreciated by anxious dental patients, and if necessary, conscious sedation is available to calm your fears.

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