Questions about Laser Dentistry

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What is laser dentistry?

Lasers have added an entirely new dimension to the field of cosmetic dentistry. A laser is an instrument that amplifies light energy to produce an incredibly precise, focused beam that is a very useful tool for your dentist. There are different types of lasers used in cosmetic dentistry—each one operating at a specific light wavelength. Laser dentistry helps improve the precision of your treatment while minimizing recovery time.

For what dental procedures can a laser be used?

Lasers have many uses in cosmetic dentistry. Tooth decay can be removed pain-free, without the use of anaesthetic, through laser dentistry. For kids especially, this method is ideal because small cavities can be eliminated without any shots. Lasers are also used to cure (harden) the composite resin used in tooth-coloured fillings and to accelerate in-office power bleaching. A dental laser can be used in soft tissue surgery to reshape your gum line and lengthen the appearance of your tooth’s crown.

What are the benefits of laser dentistry?

Laser dentistry can significantly improve the precision of your dental treatment with minimal pain and a faster recovery time. Other benefits include:

  • Minimal damage to your surrounding oral tissue
  • Reduced chance of bleeding because of the high-energy light beams
  • Minimal bacterial infections due to the sterilizing properties of the light beams
  • No need for sutures and/or anaesthesia in certain procedures

Are dental lasers safe?

All lasers used in dentistry have been approved by the FDA. When compared to the traditional dentist’s drill, lasers are actually safer, because their precision reduces the chance of injury to your teeth and gums. This precision, combined with less heat and minimal friction results in less pain overall. 

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