Questions about Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments

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What is cosmetic dentistry treatment?

When science and dental aesthetics combine, the result is cosmetic dentistry. Focusing on both beauty and function, cosmetic dentistry works to improve the appearance and health of your smile. Quality cosmetic dentistry as practiced at Aesthetic Dental Studio ensures your smile looks great, and your teeth and mouth are healthy for life.

What types of solutions can cosmetic dentistry offer?

Cosmetic treatment covers numerous procedures, including:

Why do I need to consider cosmetic dentistry?

A beautiful smile and a healthy mouth boost self-esteem and improve overall health. If you have the desire to improve the quality of your smile, enhance your oral health and positively affect your quality of life, cosmetic dentistry may be right for you.

What new technologies are available through cosmetic dentistry?

In the last ten years, a virtual technology explosion has occurred in cosmetic dentistry. The qualities of materials, including porcelain and composite resins, have greatly improved to offer the most realistic restorations for a beautiful, natural smile. Procedures are now easily and quickly performed, sometimes in just one or two visits.

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Is cosmetic dentistry expensive?

Cosmetic dentistry may not be as expensive as you think. The costs depends largely on your needs or desires and the amount or type of product or services being used to create a more beautiful smile. Dr. Chee is happy to discuss costs with you during your private, free consultation. While some costs are absorbed by dental insurance, others can be managed more effectively with affordable cosmetic dentistry financing.

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