Candy, Sweets, and White Teeth

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Have you ever looked at your tongue after consuming candy, sweets, or colored beverages? If you have, you probably noticed that it had become the same color as whatever you were consuming. Now consider that if these sugary treats color your pink tongue, what are they doing to your white teeth?

Every food and beverage you consume can impact the appearance of your teeth. With sweets, this impact may be more insidious. The bacteria in your mouth love sugar, and every time you consume candy or other sweets it causes a rapid multiplication of these tiny organisms.

The waste product of these bacteria is acid that slowly erodes tooth enamel, opening larger pores into which coloring agents can seep. This can make it all but impossible to remove tooth staining caused by sweet snacks through simple brushing.

Dental Care

Of course, preventing tooth stains is often as simple as avoiding candy, sweets, and colored beverages. However, you can help reduce staining by brushing your teeth after every meal and snack, and visiting our office every six months for teeth cleanings. Both of these basic dental care steps can help ensure your teeth remain stain-free, no matter what you choose to consume.

Teeth Bleaching

Dental care may help, but ultimately fail to be enough for preventing all tooth staining. If your teeth have become discolored, Dr. Chee will be happy to discuss your options for teeth bleaching.

Also known as tooth whitening, teeth bleaching at our Calgary office is an incredibly effective way to address stains. Dr. Gordon Chee offers chairside teeth bleaching that can comfortably and safely lighten your smile by up to eight shades in as little as one hour. If candy and sweets have also damaged the structure of your teeth, Dr. Chee can discuss other dental options to provide you with the strong, healthy, white smile that you were born to have.

If you live in the Calgary, Alberta area and would like to learn more about your tooth whitening options, please contact Dr. Chee at Aesthetic Dental Studio online or by phone at 403-543-4600 to schedule an initial consultation today.