Gummy Smiles Treatment Options

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At Aesthetic Dental Studio, we understand that when you smile, you want to do so confidently. But too many of our Calgary-area patients can't, and the reason is simple: their gums are too prominent.

This is the so-called “gummy smile,” and it's one of the more common aesthetic concerns we hear. If your gums are too prominent, they can hide your teeth when you smile, and that's not ideal.

Fortunately, fixing a gummy smile is one of the cosmetic dentistry services we offer. There are a couple options for addressing this concern, and we will help you find the right one.

If you live in or around Calgary, Alberta and you have questions about treatment options for your gummy smile, please call Aesthetic Dental Studio today at 403-543-4600.

Aesthetic Lip Repositioning

One of your best options is a safe, simple surgical procedure known as an aesthetic lip repositioning. In this procedure, we will slightly re-position the interior of your upper lip so that is in a slightly lower spot on your face.

This will help because your lip won't rise up when you smile. This makes your teeth more prominent, and greatly increases your confidence in your smile.

There are a number of benefits to an aesthetic lip repositioning, including:

  • Immediate improvement
  • A short, simple procedure – approximately 90 minutes
  • Minimal pain and recovery downtime
  • No visible scars
  • No effect on the movement of your mouth

Aesthetic lip repositioning is thus a great option for many patients dealing with a gummy smile.

Using BOTOX® Cosmetic To Treat a Gummy Smile

Of course, lip repositioning isn't your only option. One possible treatment that many people don't know about is the injection of BOTOX® Cosmetic in the area.

We tend to think of BOTOX® as a cosmetic procedure to address facial wrinkles, but it actually has a lot of other uses. When it comes to a gummy smile, BOTOX® can prove very helpful.

BOTOX® works by blocking muscles in the injection area from contracting. For a gummy smile, we can inject BOTOX® into the area around your upper lip. This will prevent the muscles in the area from pulling your lip up and exposing your gums.

Whenever you're considering BOTOX®, it's important to understand that the injections are temporary and effects usually only last between three to six months. And make sure your BOTOX® provider has substantial experience – BOTOX® is quite safe, but only when administered by a properly trained, experienced provider.

Dr. Chee and his staff will talk to you about aesthetic lip repositioning, BOTOX® and your other gummy smile treatment options.

If you're concerned about a gummy smile and you live in or around Calgary, Alberta, please call Aesthetic Dental Studio today at 403-543-4600 for an examination.