General Dental Problems

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Dental problems can take many forms. Regular checkups with a general dentist can help many people from Calgary prevent small problems from becoming serious conditions. Our goal is to help keep your mouth, gums, and self-confidence strong and healthy.

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General dentistry is a term that encompasses the diagnosis and treatment of oral health issues related to your teeth and gums. Some of these issues include:

Gum Disease

Gum disease, also called periodontal disease, is a main cause of tooth loss in adults. Its mild form is called gingivitis. Gingivitis often leads to a more severe form of gum disease known as periodontitis. Plaque is the primary cause of gum disease, but other factors such as illness, medication, hormonal changes and smoking can also contribute to gingivitis and periodontitis. Daily dental hygiene routines and regular checkups with your dentist are the best ways of preventing periodontal disease from starting.

Tooth Decay

Tooth decay’s slow assault on your teeth may go unnoticed until serious damage is done. That’s why it’s important to visit regularly with your dentist. Dr. Chee checks for signs of tooth decay and can treat it with crowns or dental fillings to prevent further harm. Cavities are common, but can be prevented by good oral hygiene habits at home, and the avoidance of sugary snacks and beverages.

Bad Breath

While there are many causes of halitosis, bad breath is usually a good indication that something is amiss in your mouth. Perhaps your dental hygiene regimen is to blame for your imperfect oral odor, or it could be an indication that you are developing cavities or gum disease. It’s important to ask Dr. Chee what’s causing your bad breath. Breath mints can’t hide gum disease.

Tooth Sensitivity

If you suffer from tooth sensitivity, hot drinks, cold beverages and sweet treats usually precede immediate pain and discomfort. Tooth sensitivity should be immediately assessed by your dentist because it could be signal that you a cracked tooth, receding gums or tooth decay.

If you suffer from any acute symptoms or from poor oral health in general, our dentist in Calgary may be able to help. Contact Dr. Chee today, by completing the form on this page, or by calling 403-543-4600 to schedule an appointment. Aesthetic Dental Studio welcomes patients from Cochrane and neighboring communities in Alberta.