White Porcelain Fillings

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White porcelain fillings are a beautiful solution for filling cavities while preserving the rest of the tooth. For more than one hundred years metal fillings were the standard of care for repairing cavities. Little has changed about metal fillings in those one hundred years, and recently there has been cause for concern due to the amount of mercury contained in metal fillings and the health hazard that represents.

Porcelain is a natural appearing material since it is translucent and reflects light in the same way natural teeth would. The color of porcelain mimics natural teeth, the material is stain resistant and porcelain can be blended to achieve a natural looking shade that enhances your own teeth.

The advantages of white porcelain fillings are that they restore strength to your natural teeth instead of weakening the tooth structure, they have a very natural appearance, they are less sensitive to hot and cold food and drink than metal fillings and they are mercury free.

White porcelain fillings are more durable than metal fillings and preserve more of the natural tooth structure when they are placed in the tooth to repair damage caused by a cavity.

If you live in the Calgary, Alberta, Canada area and having porcelain fillings sounds like something you would be interested in, please contact the experienced dental team at the Aesthetic Dental Studio today to schedule an appointment or learn more about this procedure.