Sleep Dentistry

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The key to good oral health is preventative maintenance with daily brushing and flossing and regular visits to the dentist for professional tooth cleaning, examinations and treatments. However, millions of people suffer from fear and anxiety when contemplating a visit to the dentist. This fear and anxiety prevents them from getting the preventive care they need to maintain good oral health. Sleep dentistry can help dispel the fear and anxiety that accompanies a visit to the dentist because it allows the patient to be either in a conscious sedative sleep or an unconscious sedative sleep during the whole procedure at the dentists’ office. Prior to the time of the appointment, the patient will take medication prescribed by Dr. Chee to allow him or her to be in a calm and totally relaxed state for their procedure. For this reason, the patient needs someone to accompany them to and from the dental appointment. The patient remains in a state of total relaxation throughout their procedure. This state of relaxation is so profound, the patient does not realize the procedure is taking place and has little memory of it when it is completed. Sleep dentistry is commonly used when someone is in need of a long and painful procedure or when a patient has fear and anxiety that interferes with obtaining needed dental care. Sleep dentistry is also an excellent tool to use with children who have a difficult time sitting for long periods of time required for some dental procedures. If you reside in the Calgary, Alberta, Canada area and you want to learn more about sleep dentistry, please contact the  team at the Aesthetic Dental Studio today.