Questions about Endodontics

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While most dentists receive training in endodontic treatments during regular dental school, many go on to become specialists in endodontics. When tooth decay progresses beyond the enamel and through the dentin into the pulp chamber, endodontic treatment is required to repair the tooth. This procedure is commonly called a root canal. Here are some answers to the questions about endodontics you may have. Why do I need a Root Canal? Inside each tooth is the tooth pulp, which consists of the nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissues of the tooth. This is the supply line for a living tooth. When the integrity of the tooth is breached through decay or fracture, the tooth pulp is removed and the tooth is deadened to prevent further destruction. Are there other Endodontic Procedures? If you have an abscess below the root line, it may not be practical to drill through the enamel and dentin portions of your tooth. Instead, it may be better to reach the abscess through the side, remove the abscess, and root tip in a procedure called apicoectomy. Do I Ever Need Another Root Canal on the Same Tooth? In most cases, a root canal procedure is permanent. The tooth is no longer living and cannot feel any pain, because there is no nerve. The root canal, the space formerly occupied by the pulp is filled in with special rubber filler. There are some instances where a second endodontic procedure must be done, but those are rare. To find out more about endodontic surgery, and if you live in Alberta, please contact our general dentist at the Aesthetic Dental Studio to schedule an initial consultation.