How Do I Choose a Sedation Dentist?

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Dentists who choose to practice sedation dentistry must obtain extra training in sedation dentistry techniques, medication administration and the skills required to obtain an accurate medical history. When choosing your sedation dentist make certain they are trained in all aspects of sedation dentistry. When choosing a sedation dentist you should consider whether the dentist and the support staff have received necessary training and if they participate in continuing education programs. You should also be aware of in-office monitoring practices that are in place which are essential to the safe practice of sedation dentistry. Your complete medical history and any medications you are currently prescribed should be known by the dentist to make certain sedation dentistry is right for your particular circumstance. When you have learned the answers to your questions about your sedation dentist and have made your choice, remember to have a responsible person accompany you to your appointment. You will be prescribed a medication prior to your appointment that will help you stay calm and relaxed and may make you feel drowsy. The person responsible for your care the day of your appointment must also see you get home safely and rest for at least two hours after your procedure. If you live in the Calgary, Alberta, Canada area and you are interested in sedation dentistry, please contact the experienced sedation dentistry team at the Aesthetic Dental Studio today.