Chipped Teeth

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Your teeth are exposed to an endless amount of stress and trauma. As you get older, the protective covering of the teeth, the enamel, may weaken and chip. Not only are chipped teeth unattractive, if left untreated, they can lead to further problems; exacerbating tooth decay, tooth breakage, and ultimately the loss of the tooth. Treating chipped teeth with cosmetic dentistry is a great option to strengthen your teeth and make them more attractive. There are many things that caused chips in teeth, most of which relate to your specific eating habits. Some leading contributing factors include:

  • Eating ice or other hard foods
  • Using your teeth to pry open bottle caps
  • Trauma
  • Weakened teeth full of metal fillings

Although tooth enamel is very tough, when weakened through tooth decay and subsequent repairs, chips and breakage becomes more prevalent. Metal fillings may expand cause the tooth to crack. Replacing metal fillings with white, composite fillings that match your natural tooth color can help repair chipped teeth. Porcelain veneers are another option to resurface teeth that are pitted with small chips and cracks. The new surface will resist staining and help strengthen weakened teeth by acting as a splint. To find out more about cosmetic treatment options for chipped teeth, please contact a dentist with cosmetic dentistry experience at the Aesthetic Dental Studio for an initial consultation.